Accusharp Gun-Drills | Make Deep- Hole drilling more efficient and easy for you

Deep-Hole Drill was initially invented for ‘Gun-Driiling’application in Europe during the second world war, and since then it’s popular as Gun-Drill. However, in last 75 years, its applications are extended to automobile and other engineering metal cutting industries for Deep-Hole Drilling. Still, these Deep Hole Drills are yet popularly called ‘Gun-Drills’, even if used for other applications. It is a thin cutting tool to produce hole in a metal at high depth diameter ratio.

Accusharp Cutting tools have entered into this new segment of Round tools For Deep-Hole Drilling applications. The applications are for deep-hole drilling On Crankshaft, Engine-Blocks, turbo-Blades, Paper Rollers, Machine Tools, Fixturing etc.

The main purpose of a gun drill is to drill consistent holes in one pass. The machine work is therefore fairly simple. The entire machine consists of the gun drill itself, the machine, the coolant supply system, the work holding fixture, and the part handling equipment.


Standard geometry for Gun-Drill has been shown herewith. However, it may change according to its applications for different work materials and machining parameters. Moreover any change, in cutting edge geometry will have an effect on bore surface finish, geometrical accuracy, drill centring, chip shape, chip removal, process reliability and useful life of the Drills etc.

ACCUSHARP Gun drills are straight fluted drills that allow cutting fluid (either compressed air or a suitable liquid) to be injected through the drill’s hollow body to the cutting face.

ACCUSHARP drills used for deep drilling—a depth-to-diameter ratio of 300:1 or more is possible. Gun barrels are the obvious example; hence the name.

Other uses include mould making, die making, and the manufacture of combustion engine parts such as crankcase, cylinder head, and woodwind musical instruments, such as uilleann pipes, as gun drills, can drill long straight holes in metal, wood, and some plastics.

The coolant provides lubrication and cooling to the cutting edges and removes the swarf or chips from the hole. Modern gun drills use carbide tips to prolong life and reduce total cost when compared with steel tips. The speed of drilling depends on the material being drilled, rotational speed, and the drill diameter.






Gun drills are easily consolidated with CNC machining centres, lathes and milling machines for a reasonably small investment, which makes these tools economical for a small or large business with varying production requirements.

Our standard grinding geometry can take care virtually of all drilling operations successfully. However, for any special working conditions like deep drilling long chipping material that is difficult to machine. we design and manufacture Gun-Drills with special geometries accordingly.

Our Present range of Gun-Drill is of Diameters between 4 and 30 mm, having length up to 1000 mm.


  • High-calibre Performance
  • Deep-Hole drilling solutions end here
  • It is developed for the long, straight hole of high accuracy, dimensional requirement
  • Gun drill can make a hole of a specified size.
  • Gun drill used in deep hole drilling applications
  • Superior Quality


  • Medical Equipment Industry
  • Plastic injection moulds
  • Die and Mould Industry
  • Aerospace Industry
  • Defence
  • Metal Industry
  • Diesel Fuel Components
  • Firearm
  • Automotive Industry
  • Turbo Blades
  • Paper Rolls, Waterlines
  • Heat Exchanger Tube sheet

More ever, guidance from our technical experts would always be available for any critical problem other than the above common issues to resolve.

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