Carbide Form Tools and It’s Benefits | Form Tool Manufacturers

Many segments of manufacturing are experiencing tremendous growth. Increased demand, combined with improved supply chains, makes it difficult for manufacturers to meet production schedules. As pioneers in the cutting tools industry, Accusharp Cutting Tools Pvt. Ltd. understands that in order to meet the demands of the customers, cutting tools must perform as expected.

We offer custom cutting tools that are tailor-made to the customer’s applications and offer increased capacity with short lead times. When you need a custom tool, you need a partner who makes no compromises. For over two decades, our customers have trusted us to meet their needs.

As manufacturing technologies continue to improve, tools have become more efficient and precise. At Accusharp, we have consistently innovated to pave the way for the development of carbide cutting tools that offer precision cutting for a wide variety of industries. We use imported Carbide Rods to manufacture our Custom Form Tools to ensure our products are durable, sturdy and rust-resistant. Highly admired for its compact design and high performance, our Carbide Form Tools are highly admired for their robustness and long life. Form tools used for turning applications.

We manufacture a large variety of Carbide Form Tools that fulfill the needs of our clients across the world. Minimum Order Quantity (MOQ) requirements are often an obstacle for buyers, as they tend to increase overheads. We ensure that our customers have the flexibility to order the exact tools they want in the exact numbers they want. Our low MOQ of three is an attestation of the value e put in our customers and our flexible production capabilities. Even with an MOQ as low as three, we can ensure delivery within three days at an optimal cost. Form tool mostly perform Combine Operations.

Our advanced manufacturing capabilities ensure that Form Cutter Tool can be made to your need, with multiple flute options, solid or coolant varieties and with helical or straight flutes. Our advanced HiPIMS-coating technology ensures a smooth coating that elevates tool performance and extends tool life. Equipped with multiple sets of precision grinding machines our tools are proven to be more reliable and long-lasting than many in the market. We use CNC 7-Axis Grinding Machine like ANCA and Rollomatic that provide increased rigidity and accuracy and improved tool surface finish. We carry out fully-automatic measuring on Zoller Genius 3S for improved inspection and seamless processing.


  • Combines more than one operation in single tool.
  • Reduce Cycle time of operation.
  • Multiple step option.
  • Mirror flute polishing for easy chip evacuation.
  • Reduce tool inventory.
  • Reduce tooling cost.
  • Improved Productivity
  • High Accuracy.
  • Longer service life.
  • Form tool improves production efficiency and machine utilization. It ultimately increases manufacturers speed to market.

Our Carbide Form Tools find applications in various industries such as Automotive and Construction. The automotive industry is a high-demand one. Hence, it is essential for cutting tools to meet the high output demands of the industry. Moreover, owing to the electrification of drive systems and smart vehicle systems, automotive manufacturing has become more complicated and we have been able to design and manufacture our tools to meet these changing special cutting tool requirements. We offer a range of Custom Form Tools to suit specific automotive industry applications for different types and grades of materials. Our range of Form Cutter is compact, which makes them ideal for component manufacturing of automobiles.

Accusharp’s Carbide Form Tools are robust and long-lasting, which makes them ideal for use in the construction industry. Owing to the fact that cutting tools are mainly applied concrete surfaces in the construction industry, we focus on manufacturing Custom Form Tools that not just eliminate or minimize surface chipping, but also maintain functional performance. Our range of Carbide Form Tools doesn’t wear easily irrespective of flank wear or abrasive wear, built-up edge, depth-of-cut, and thermal cracks.

One of kind solution is required in many machining applications. Custom inserts, often known as form tools, are custom inserts used to fill out forms. Solid Carbide Form Tools are available in a variety of shapes and sizes. Our clients prefer it because of its tiny size, great performance, and attractive appearance. Our products come in a variety of specifications to satisfy the needs of our customers all across the world. Metal cutting tools are our specialty and we are the leading manufacturer and exporter in the industry. One of our world-class tools is the Form tool.

Accusharp is in a constant process of evolving and adapting our tools to adapt to the needs of the industry. Our custom application solutions help our customers with better processing, more efficiency and longer durability.