Brazed Carbide T-Slot Cutter Tools

Brazed carbide tools utilized in numerous industries due to high durability and abrasion resistance. These tools are broadly utilized in lathe machine for turning developing and threading.


In a basic term Carbide is a solid metal much stronger than steel. Carbide is a combination of Tungsten and other materials reinforced with cobalt. The mechanical properties of carbide make them valuable in applications such as mining tools, cutting tools and wear parts. Carbide tools create better surfaces finish than high speed steels. It provides longer tool life due to higher wear resistance.


We are the manufacturers, exporters, and suppliers of brazed Carbide cutting tools in India, used for multipurpose applications.  Accusharp cutting tools Manufacturers have various types of Brazed carbide cutting tools which include Endmills, Reamers, Drills, Chamfering cutters, etc. the tools are available in standard as well as nonstandard sizes as per client specific requirements.


Accusharp Cutting Tools Manufacturers the largest producer of carbide-tipped tools. Brazed Tipped Tools are another name for these. We can provide you with Brazed tip Tools for Turning, Boring, and Facing, Threading, and Parting, among other things.


Brazed carbide T-Slot Cutter

Accusharp Cutting Tool Manufacturers offers a complete range of Solid Carbide TIP T-Slot Cutter with high performance, general purpose, finishing, roughing, high-speed, micro, and material-specific Solid Carbide tip T-Slot Cutter for high productivity and extended tool life. T Slot milling cutter for T-grooving and milling.  Because both side faces are bladed, unlike key sheaths it can be used to process T grooves. To support high precision groove cutting, the Tip is made of solid carbide.


We are providing T-Slot Cutter that is profoundly acknowledged in the market for their dimensional accuracy, high durability, and ideal torque capacity. We get these form dependable sources that are known to supply us the amazing quality items that completely fulfill our clients. Encourage, these are


T-Slot Cutter is specially designed for producing T-Slots after machining the tenon slot. T-Slot cutter can be utilized on metals with high HRC, fiber and plywood and so on; these cutters are available in both taper shank and parallel shank and are utilized extensively for bolt slots. The cutters are exported to various countries worldwide. Customization of diameter, length and sizes can also be done as per client requirements.


Accusharp Cutting Tools Manufacturers is dedicated to producing High-Quality Solid  Carbide T- Slot Cutters that meet or exceed clients expectations every time . Accusharp Cutting Tools Manufacturers recognizes that client rely on our mills to function with extreme precision and accuracy in production processes, thus we develop and build Solid Carbide T-Slot Cutter to the strictest of standards.


We are the leading manufacturers and suppliers of solid Carbide T-Slot Cutter, offered by Accusharp Cutting Tools Pune, Maharashtra India.


For high productivity and longer tool life, Accusharp Cutting Tools offers a complete wide range of Solid Carbide T-Slot cutter with High performance, general purpose, finishing, Roughing, high speed, micro and material specific solid carbide T-Slot Cutter.


Accusharp Cutting Tools are the manufacturers and exporters of T-Slot Cutters having a positive radical and axial rake with a straight tooth design or staggered side cutting. T-Slot Cutters contain

A unique spline connection connects a T-Slot Cutter milling head to a cylindrical steel shank. The cutters are specifically designed for producing T-Slots after machining the tenon slots. These are widely utilized for milling steel, aluminum, copper and iron.


Successful carbide brazing is dependent on a number of factors:

  • Thermal Expansion Coefficient (CTE)
  • Design of Braze Joints
  • Composition of Carbide
  • Metal Filler
  • Atmosphere/Flux
  • Fixtures
  • Warmth

Brazed Carbide Cutting Tools for Multifunction Applications are manufactured, exported, and supplied by us. End Mills, Drills, Reamers, Chamfering Cutters, and other sorts of Brazed Carbide Cutting

Tools are available. The tools are available in conventional and nonstandard sizes to meet your specific needs.

These tools are made with cutting-edge technology and are in high demand because of their superior cutting capabilities. Because of their unrivalled quality and texture, these instruments are in high demand across a wide range of industries. The types of brazed carbide cutting tools are as follows:


Brazed Carbide End Mill Cutting Tools:

Brazed Carbide Tipped and Solid Carbide End Mills are both available.They have a wide range of

Applications in the engineering industry, particularly in machining. Depending on the application and material to be machined, brazed carbide end mills are made with low and high helix flutes and equal and unequal circulation.


  • Brazed Carbide Helical End mills 2 Flute
  • Brazed Carbide Helical End mills 4 Flute
  • Brazed Carbide Helical Long Flute End mills
  • Brazed Carbide Helical Long 2 Flute End mill
  • Brazed Carbide Helical Long 4 Flute End mill
  • Brazed Carbide Helical Roughing End mill
  • Brazed Carbide Helical center cut End mill
  • Brazed Carbide Helical Long series End mills
  • Brazed Carbide Helical Fine Pitch End mills


Brazed Carbide Reamer:

We offer state-of-the-art Brazed Carbide Reamers that penetrate metals correctly while creating the desired surface polish. Our Brazed Carbide Reamers require less maintenance, are more resistant to wear and tear, and are more durable. Our organization can provide them to you at a very cost-effective price.


  • Brazed Carbide Morse Taper Reamer
  • Brazed Carbide Straight Reamers
  • Brazed Carbide Helical Reamers
  • Brazed Carbide Straight Reamers Long Series
  • Brazed Carbide Morse Taper Extra Long Reamer
  • Customized Brazed Reamers like as Step etc.


Brazed Carbide Chamfering Cutters:

These tools are available in a variety of configurations to maximize performance for a specific application. Other functions that these instruments can do include spotting, engraving, and V-grooving. These come in a variety of sizes and diameters. The cutter’s low profile design and increased helical projection make it excellent for chamfering the backside of narrow slots.

  • Brazed Carbide Hole Chamfering Cutters
  • Brazed Carbide Hole Chamfering Cutters 2 Flute
  • Brazed Carbide Hole Chamfering cutters 3 Flute
  • Brazed Carbide Hole Chamfering Cutters 4 Flute
  • Brazed Carbide Hole Chamfering Cutters 5 Flute
  • Brazed Carbide Hole Chamfering Cutters 6 Flute


Other brazed carbide cutting tools:

It include brazed carbide dovetail milling cutters, brazed carbide staggered tooth side cutters, brazed carbide parallel tooth side cutters, and brazed carbide long shank slotting cutters, in addition to end mills, reamers, and chamfering cutters.


Carbides are used in mining tools, cutting tools, and wear parts because of their mechanical qualities

For successful carbide brazing, pay particular attention to the following factors: CTE, joint design, carbide composition, filler metal, flux/atmosphere, fixturing, and heating.


  • Brazed Carbide Staggered Tooth side Cutters
  • Brazed Carbide Parallel Tooth T-Slot Cutters
  • Brazed Carbide Long Shank Slotting Cutters
  • Brazed Carbide Center Drills
  • Brazed Carbide Dovetail Milling Cutters


Accusharp Cutting Tools is the world’s Largest leading cutting tools Manufacturers, suppliers and exporters based in India. Our highly experienced team is behind the success of our organization, because of our Team Dedicated Hard work and we never compromise with the quality of the product.


Accusharp Cutting Tools Manufacturers are not only preferred choice of our Clients but also, hold an unmatched reputation in the Cutting Tools Industry for our excellent product range.


As a part of our commitment and principles, we gather our efforts to deliver excellent quality products and trust to provide client satisfaction. We are the brazed carbide tools manufacturers in India assure that your order will receive individual attention. Whether it is large or small. The quality we delivered is a direct result of Accusharp Cutting Tools Manufacturers Goal.



  • High cutting Performance
  • Compact size
  • Superior Quality
  • Strong body
  • Best grade material
  • User friendly
  • Easy to utilize.


  • Die and Mould Industry
  • Automotive Industry
  • Machine tools industry
  • CNC Machine and Traditional Lathe.

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