Special Tools Need of Cutting Tool Industry

Accusharp Cutting Tools stands today as an efficient, accomplice for a huge number of clients in nearby companies, as well as for MNCs in different industry divisions –Like:

Engineering, Automotive, Construction, Defense, Agriculture, Machine tools, Textile, Mining, Energy Sector. Manufacturing special form of Combination Tools is one of the specialities and competencies that accusharp specialized group has demonstrated for the metal cutting industry.


Accusharp Cutting Tools Manufacturers presently is considered to be a leading company in India, engaged in design, manufacture & supply a wide range of standard and special cutting tools in Tungsten Carbide. Those are – Drills, End-mills, Reamers, Step Drills, Gun drills, Form Tools, Cutters, Port tools etc.

In addition to that, Accusharp Cutting Tools is properly prepared with a huge variety of modern multi-facility CNC machines and modern inspection equipment of Zoller make. Some of the Special Form Tools are tailor-made as ‘Combination Tools’ which carry out multiple operations in one set up and in one pass. Using these sorts of tools is that the most economical solution for the machining of mass production of components.

Accusharp Cutting tools Manufacturers not as it made tools concurring to client plan, but to plan extraordinary tools agreeing to customer’s component machining prerequisites and give total solutions to them for their machining applications.

The cutting tools market is divided into two types: linear cutting tools, which include tool bits (single-point cutting tools), and rotary cutting tools, which include drill bits, countersinks, milling cutters, and reamers.


The market for cutting tools is made up of processes including milling, turning, and drilling. Following a thorough examination of application insights.

Cutting fluids are used by cutting tool providers and machine tool manufacturers to eliminate high temperatures, offer lubricity, reduce wear and rust, and offer chip evacuation. The usage of metal-cutting fluids in manufacturing settings is linked to health and environmental concerns, which is a major issue limiting the cutting tools market’s growth.

Threading, milling & shearing, parting & grooving, and drilling & boring are just a few of the uses for cutting tool inserts. Developing demand from various industry verticals such as automotive, aviation, and oil & gas, as well as a growing market for high-speed steel cutting tools, are driving the expansion of the cutting tools market. However, the market’s expansion may be satisfied. Accusharp Cutting Tools is the top cutting tools manufacturers in India.


Combination Special Form Tools is one of the Specialities of Accusharp Cutting Tools.

There are multiple advantages of Combination Form Tools, specially designed as an entire solution for component machining, consistent with customer requirement. Some of the qualitative, time economy and price-effective prime advantages are

To have –

  • Precision of axial concentricity of multiple dimensions
  • Reduction in ‘Set up Time’
  • Reduction in Machining Operational ‘Cycle Time’
  • Reduced Machining Operational ‘Cost’
  • ‘Reduced Inventory’ of tools at the customer’s Tool lodging, etc.
  • And lots of other intangible benefits for end-users.

An extensive variety of our Special Form & Combination Tools:

  • Step Drills
  • Form Drills
  • Center Drills
  • Form Cutters
  • Woodruff Cutters
  • Port Tool
  • Form Tool
  • Profile endmills
  • Square End mills
  • Corner Radius End mills
  • Ball Nose End Mills
  • Double End square End mills
  • Double End Ball Nose Mills
  • End Mills for aluminium
  • End Mills for Stainless Steels
  • Variable Flute End mills
  • Micro End Mills
  • Mould Machining End mills
  • Straight Flute End Mills
  • Micro End Mills
  • Mould Machining End Mills
  • Straight Fluted End Mills
  • Tapered End Mills Inserts etc.

Accusharp Cutting Tools highlights a special division named TMS (Tooling Management System). Tooling experts from the TMS division perform a detailed study of the whole metal cutting process, at the customer end. This study includes the collection of knowledge about dimensional and surface finish requirements on work component, work material properties, machine power, RPM, holding system, cooling system etc.

According to the guides from TMS experts, cutting tools with specific tool material, special cutting geometry and special PVD coating are manufactured and supplied to respective customers. TMS experts also guide customers about the acceptable machining parameters for the optimal performance of the machining process.

Our TMS team offers ‘Total Solution’ to customers to assist them to perform their machining operations at higher metal removal rates, including increased tool life. This sounds to be the foremost techno-economic solution for customers. And thus, Accusharp Cutting Tools Manufacturers would always be there to help you as ‘Your Productivity Partner’, with our mission to offer customers the foremost appropriate tools, which “Cut Fast & Cut Cost

Metal reducing is an essential component in lots of industries as unique-reduced steel portions of various sizes and styles are essential. When it involves steel reducing, unique gear is being used. This in particular-reduce steel piece needs to fulfil the specification inclusive of thickness, dimensions and shape. Therefore, it’s far essential to apply machines which can be in particular designed for this purpose.


Unlike wooden reducing, steel reducing isn’t that clean because it is commonly difficult and extraordinarily tough to reduce through the steel surface. Therefore, it calls for positive technique and gear. As for the energy and hardness of every steel, it may range from steel to steel. Therefore, you may need to undertake one-of-a-kind devices, gear and technique for every kind of steel. Or in different words, reducing metals isn’t that easy as you will imagine.


Special tools Utilized on lathes CNCs, Vertical machining centres (VMCs), Horizontal Machining Centres (HMCs), on turn-mill centres in various industries such as automotive industry, aerospace industry, Fluid power industry, Power Generation Industry, defence industry, Ship Building industry, aerospace and aircraft industry, machine tools industry, plastic industry, woodworking industry, electronic industry, automotive component industry, Special tools, Port tool and cavity tool available in any shape size format to suit individual components needs.

A special tool can be created to meet a single requirement or a set of requirements, and it can:

  • Reduce the amount of time spent cutting.
  • To reduce cycle time, minimize the number of tools and tool changes.
  • Tolerances that are difficult to achieve with several tools or in separate operations are met.
  • Increase the consistency of your results.
  • Improve tool life and surface finishes.
  • Deliver higher-quality products while lowering waste.


At Accusharp cutting tools, we have design capabilities in-house. Initial concept drawings are often accompanied by at least a budgetary quotation and can be made quite rapidly. Final approval prints are prepared in the event of a Purchase Order.


Accusharp is a leading cutting tool manufacturer in India, engaged in design, manufacture & supply a huge variety of standard and special tools in Tungsten Carbide. Those are – Drills, End-mills, Reamers, Step Drills, Gun drills, Form Tools, Cutters, Port Tools etc.


Accusharp Cutting Tools strongly believes that the maximum crucial expectation of any customer, from any metal cutting tool, usually stays that the tool should Cut Fast & Cut Cost. And therefore, Accusharp cutting tool Manufacturers has its prime objective to offer the most appropriate tools and a special tool to customers, which would fulfil customer expectations.


Accusharp Shows why it’s Special


Accusharp Cutting tools provide a great variety of standard the special HSS, Carbide, reamers cutting tools. We have a wide range of diameters and length. We satisfy customer needs in a short delivery time.

Accusharp Cutting tools manufacturers produce a wide range of unique drills, including step drills with customized sharpening on request, custom drills, and so on. The creation of unique reamers also offers a variety of options, such as straight or helical flutes, tapered and step reamers, custom lengths and diameters, and so on.


Accusharp Cutting tools has considerable experience in the creation of special tools made of carbide, HSS steel, brazed carbide, ensuring technical solutions, design, and manufacture with cutting-edge technologies that can solve problems or increase corporate productivity.


A wide selection of carbide, brazed cutters and special tools can be projected, produced, and delivered fast in response to customer requests. Advanced control systems ensure that the brazed tool manufacture is of the highest quality, ensuring optimum precision and reliability


For more details about Special Tools visit us at Accusharp


Benefits of Accusharp Tools

  • Tool changing frequency improved by 50%
  • Increased productivity due to extended tool change
  • Quality consistency of drilled hole extended up to last drilled hole.
  • Inspection cost reduced due to quality consistency.


  • Easy Complex form
  • Cost Saving
  • High Accuracy
  • On-time Delivery
  • Innovative approach
  • Perfect Concentricity
  • Easy Operations
  • Easy Service Life.


  • Construction Industry
  • Machine Tools Industry
  • Aerospace and aircraft industry
  • Defence Industry
  • Die and mould industry
  • Automotive Industry
  • Textile
  • Power Generation Industry
  • Plastic Industry
  • General Engineering
  • Woodworking Industry
  • Medical Equipment Industry


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