Case Study | Accusharp

Case Study


It's a pleasure for us to be associated with Accusharp - their workplace in Pune and also at this event in Banglore. Their setup is exemplary. Also, the association with Bharat Forge is very long, starting almost 13 to 15 years back. The relationship is maturing every day with a lot of technology and innovation. Accusharp is striving to reach excellence in the cutting tool industry, and we are trying to be associated with them!


In and around Pune, there are a number of businesses that produce carbide-cutting tools and are closely related to Bharat Forge.


Whenever we talk about Accusharp, the first thing that comes to our mind is innovation and the readiness to innovate. Secondly, they are always available to serve or to cater to the requirements - there is no restriction of time or date or anything. They are experts in delivering highly technical engineering products. Accusharp and Bharat Forge have innovated together and created a win-win situation, achieving great results.


We have been happy to be associated with Accusharp for the last 8 to 10 years. We have seen changes, improvements, and new technologies coming in year-over-year. We wish them all the best for future growth and technological improvement!


We at Turbocharge were facing a lot of issues with machining tools. For the last 13 years, we have been interacting and working with Accusharp. In many areas, they have given us very good tools. We are happy with the performance of their solid carbide tools.


Accusharp has been with our company since the very inception of our existence. We love the production and accuracy delivered by Accusharp. We have been working with Accusharp for the last ten years; we love all their products. There is no one like Accusharp!


We have been associated with Accusharp for more than 20 years, right when they started. And, now I can see that they have grown not 10 folds but 50 folds more. We congratulate the team for their great work and wish them all the best for future expansion. With the Make in India tag, Accusharp brings in all the technological advancements to deliver the perfect cutting and coating techniques. And they have always worked hand-in-hand with us to deliver success.


We have seen so many producers here but did not accept to see such a producer of special tools in India. We were looking for a new partner in India, and we finally found them in Accusharp, as they matched all our criteria. Within 24 hours, we will start to work with them. It is one of the best booths in the exhibition with the widest product range.


We have worked with Accusharp for 5-6 years, and the experience has been really good. Every tool has great performance. Also, their pricing is very competitive. And, yes, we are also getting great on-time support for them.


We have been working with Accusharp for the last 6 years. Even German companies could not give the quality Accusharp could. We were extremely happy with the quality and support we were getting from Accusharp. We would love to continue to work and explore new opportunities with Accusharp, as we are extremely happy.


We have been associated with Accusharp for 13 years. We have been buying the reamers and drills from them. And, we are extremely happy with the quality!


When we were shifting our machines from Kolhapur and Mysore, that time our association with Accusharp actually started. At that time, they supported us and also collaborated with our suppliers. The quality of Accusharp has been improving day by day. We have also worked with them on some special material drills; they conducted many trials successfully. Overall, we are happy with the quality and service delivered by Accusharp. They are the pioneers in the cutting tools industry, and we love to work with them.


We have been using Accusharp tools for many years, especially for deep-hole drill machines. Accusharp helps with re-tuning the tools giving them a great life. We are very happy to work with them.


Accusharp tools match all our requirements. The products are very good. We are happy!


We have been working with Accusharp for 5 to 6 years now. They have supplied us with special cardibe tools and other cutting tools with great support and an in-depth understanding of our requirements. They help us throughout the process of finalization of the drawing and approval of them. We are very happy with their service delivery and products.