Coating for Cutting Tools | Coated Carbide tool | Cutting Tool Coating

Coating is necessary for cutting tools.
Following are the main reasons:

  • To Improve Wear Resistance
  • To Improve Heat Resistance
  • To Improve Hardness of Tool
  • To Improve Toughness of Tool
  • To Increase the life of Tool
  • To Increase the Cutting Parameter. 

Accusharp Cutting Tools Pvt. Ltd. has launched an in-house coating plant with the new advanced HiPIMS PVD Coating Technologies – InoxaCon Coating and Ferrocon Coating. While Ferrocon coated tools can be used for machining unalloyed steel, alloyed steel and high-speed steel, Inoxacon coated tools can be used for machining stainless steel, high-alloy steel and titanium. Both the coating technologies use the TiAlSiN (titanium aluminium silicon nitride)-based hybrid PVD coating technology to coat tools.
Accusharp Cutting Tools Pvt. Ltd. is one of the few cutting tool manufacturers in India to bring this high-end technology to the country. “Accusharp has for long been one of the important drivers in the machine tooling industry in India. We are widely recognized as an Indian company with a global business culture, which makes us the first choice for special cutting tools for a number of local companies and MNCs. By investing in HiPIMS technology and bringing InoxaCon and Ferrocon, we are looking to further consolidate our market position. Our customers expect us to provide them with world-class solutions. This is another step in that direction”.