Code of Conduct & Ethics | Accusharp
  • We ensure compliance to all applicable Laws, Rules, Regulations, and Industrial Practices.
  • Employees are made aware of their role, responsibility, and participation towards requirements from the applicable Factories Acts, other Regulatory Acts, and applicable internal work systems.
  • Appointment letter, with terms and conditions, is issued to every employee; and agreements are documented with contractors.
  • We do not have any ‘Forced labour’. No employee is made to surrender his/her original personal certificate, ID, passport, etc., as a condition of employment at any time.
  • Regarding Working Hours, Leaves, National and Festival Holidays, Working Conditions, Compensations, Other Facilities, etc.: Pertinent provisions in the applicable regulations and other industry practices are referred to.
  • We do not make any discrimination in hiring and doing business on the ground of race, cast, sex, disability or other characteristics protected by applicable law.
  • All employees are treated with dignity and with due respect; and management does not use any kind of harassment, threats, or abuse while dealing with the employees and other stake holders.
  • We do not employ any ‘Child-Labour’.
  • Drinking alcohol on the work place, or working after consuming alcohol in the work place or driving on the a road, or visiting suppliers or customers is strictly prohibited.
  • Regarding Business Ethics: Our employees respect the applicable local laws and do not engage in any form of corruption, bribery, illegal transaction.
  • Employees are made aware of their participation related to health, safety and environmental aspects, disposal of waste, etc. Management ensures the participation of employees and adherence to the applicable regulatory requirements.