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A high ratio Drill generally used for the machining of mining bits, ACCUSHARP provides the best solution for this. The bits which require a high accuracy hole as tolerance given, Accusharp make ratio drills used for drilling high accuracy holes with higher parameters. No, retract line, no burr folding. Eliminate the 180° end mill in flat-bottom drilling, geometry-combinations available to cover most common materials drills are easily consolidated with CNC machining centre’s, lathes and milling machines for a reasonably small investment, which makes these tools economical for a small or large business with varying production requirements.

Accusharp provides high performance Ratio Drills tool to reduce machining cost especially in extravagant machining centers, workable machining systems and transfer lines. Our Ratio Drills offer a new dimension, especially with regard to quality and quantity.

For one of our customer, Accusharp designed a tungsten carbide special drill. This special drill is used for final operations on a component of large batch sizes having component dimension s between 125 mm to 330 mm. the components have multiple holes in the range of 36 to 70 no’s in a single work piece.

Project Profile

The end-user is manufacturing Mining Drill Bits (Cone & Shirttails Legs) made from EN36c material, Using a STAMA Twin spindle (5Axis) vertical machining centre with flood coolant.


Previously the customer was using Other Make tools on Stama Twin spindle VMC. The drill Dia 14 mm hole in the Major in all cones. As cones have two types one is regularly turned cones and the other is welded cones. Existing drills having the issue of Size consistency, taper hole and bottom finish Rough. As component tolerance 0 to 25 micron, but still getting the drill life issue and continue tip breakage issue and inconsistent tool life of 100 to 400 holes only. The rejection percentage is more. Accusharp was called into the customer’s shop and offered the opportunity to provide a solution to the terrible tool life and costly machine time they were experiencing.

Our Solution

Accusharp Provides the Best Drilling grade (Super Fine Grade).

Project Data

Accusharp Provides the Best Drilling grade resulted in Good Tool Life with an excellent bottom mirror finish. Using 705 RPM and 0.14 feed. No of holes getting 700 to 750 as previous have 300 to 400 holes. Taper ovality of holes within 3 to 4 micron.

By using Accusharp drills customer gets the below Benefits.

  • Tool Life increased by 40 To 50%
  • Tool Breakage stopped.
  • Avoided components rejection
  • Tool changing frequency saved
  • Increasing productivity due to less tool change.
  • Cost/pc is low than existing
  • Quality of drilled hole improved up to last drilled hole
  • Operator’s waiting getting less for taking quality approval

Competitor’s drill had issue of:

  • Size inconsistency for required tolerance 0 to 25 micron,
  • Hole taper > 25 micron.
  • Bottom surface finishes rough 1.6 to1.8 Ra).
  • Poor and inconsistent tool life between 10
  • 0 & 400 holes.

Tool Pictorial (Photo)

Tool Conceptual Drg.

Component Photo


  • Strong Break point geometry
  • Smooth flute form
  • High Accuracy
  • Reliable high Quality hole
  • Tolerance achieved within 7 micron
  • Creates a true flat-bottom hole from O.D. to center.
  • Extremely high speed and feed rates.
  • Good surface quality
  • Dimensional accuracy of holes
  • High Dynamic stability


  • Machining of mining bits
  • Heat-treatable stills
  • Suitable for long and short-chipping materials such as construction, tempered steels.