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Drill or drill machining tools used for making round holes in solid material. Drilling tools are End cutting tools designed for producing holes in the work piece. The diversity of drills can be used to cut circular holes in work pieces. Step drill preferably suited for cutting metals, Plastic, Wood.

ACCUSHARP offers a complete range of high performance, general-purpose, finishing, roughing, high-speed, micro, and material-specific S/C Step drill for high productivity and extended tool life. HSN2 coating for the higher life, SC drill that offers a one-pass solution in steels and irons in traditional tap sizes to reduce cycle time and increase productivity. Drilling and chamfering in one shot. The highly polished surface ensures superior chip evacuation even when a low-pressure coolant is applied.

For General Purpose usually HRc30 ~ HRc50

Special design for good centring, smooth chip removal and powerful drilling

Special surface treatment after coating to reduce friction and better chip flow

With the help of experienced engineers, we have been able to design and develop Solid Carbide Step Drill. These are designed and manufactured by the professionals in compliance with the industry standards. The offered drills are widely acknowledged for their attributes such as perfect finish, accurate dimensions, high strength and durability.

Step drill used for all Alloy steel, Cast Iron, stainless steel, Inconel and Aluminium material. For Aluminium material step drills available in uncoated with flute polish and for other material with special coating (HSN2 & Alcrona).


  • Cylindrical shank
  • 4 facet
  • Countersink angle 90°
  • Point angle 140°
  • Right hand cutting
  • 2, 3 or 4 flute
  • Helical or straight flute
  • Single or multiple diameter
  • Single or double margin
  • Solid or coolant through
  • High performance point


  • KF40 micro-fine
  • GU25
  • TiAln/TIN coating
  • All dimensions are in mm


The Parameter recommendation for Accusharp step drill for steel material VC is 45 to 80 mtr/min, for cast iron 65 to 120 mtr/min and for aluminium 90 to 200 mtr/min for solid step drills reduce 15 to 20 % VC as given for TCH step drills.


  • Solid Carbide Step Drill
  • Solid Carbide TCH Double Margin Long Drills
  • Solid Carbide Micro Drills
  • Solid Carbide Center Drill
  • Solid Carbide TCH Double Margin Drills
  • Solid Carbide Ratio Drills


  • STEP DRILL combines two or more than two operations in Single Tool.
  • Operation cost gets reduced.
  • Cycle time to manufacture the Component gets reduced.
  • Inventory of tool gets reduced.
  • Overall Productivity Increase.

Accusharp product is better than our competitor product.

  • Accusharp Design, Manufacture and supply the Special Step Drills within 15 Days.
  • Each Tool and Each parameter of Tool gets 100% Inspected.
  • Inspection report gets for all tools.
  • Final Approval of Tool Design is done by Customer who checks and Confirms Deigned tool can full the requirement.
  • Step Drills are manufactured on World CNC Grinding Machine
  • Selection of Carbide rod is done as per application of Tool.
  • Mostly used in Batch or Mass production.


  • Suitable for centring holes in steel, SS, CI, AL, applications
  • Automobile Industry
  • Aerospace Industry
  • Medical Equipment Industry
  • Suitable for drilling tap holes with countersinks
  • specific point geometries
  • Micro engineered edge prep
  • Coated to maximize performance, the high efficiency in drilling