Reamer | The Evolution of Solid Carbide Injector Bore Reamer

Reamers are metalworking rotary cutting tools. Reaming is the technique of using a multifluted cutting

Instrument to enlarge and size a hole. Precision reamers are used to increase the size of a previously produced hole
bya minimal amount while maintaining high accuracy and leaving clean sides. For more basic expansion of holes and light material removal to deburr, non-precision reamers are employed. Reaming is a finishing machining technique that is regarded among the best.

A reamer is a tool that has one or more teeth. Teeth are constructed from a variety of cutting materials. The reamer is used to smooth out a hole that has already been created to an exact diameter. It should not be used to enlarge a hole significantly.

Reaming is the process of using cutting instruments called reamers to improve the quality of already drilled
Holes. A reamer is a spinning cutting tool with a cylindrical shape that is used to enlarge and finish holes to
Precise dimensions after they have been produced. It’s a cutting instrument with several edges and a cutting
Edge on the periphery.

Reaming removes a little amount of material called chips from a pre-existing hole in the workpiece.
Between the reamer and the workpiece, relative axial and rotational motions are involved in the operation.
Drill presses are commonly used; however lathes can also be used. As the reamer is advanced into the
Workpiece, it is held firmly in place by a vise, chuck or fixture.

The primary criterion for reaming is the quality of the reamed hole in terms of ensuring the best level of Technology machining process economy. It refers to tool life, machining process productivity and cost of reaming a hole, and so on.


Accusharp Cutting Tools Manufacturers design the best machining solution for solid carbide Reamers, Drills and milling cutters for the client production needs.
A typical reamer consists of a cylindrical body with a set of parallel or helical cutting edges running the length
Of it. Each cutting edge has a tiny undercut below it and is ground at an angle. Reamers should only be used to remove
little amounts of material to ensure the reamer’s longevity and a better hole finish.


The flutes of reamers used on machinery like lathes feature a left-hand spiral.
The flutes are spaced randomly, which lessens the tendency of the reamer to ‘chatter’ while in operation.


A reamer is made up of three pieces.

  • Neck
  • Shank
  • Fluted Section

Drilling is frequently the first machining operation in the overall creation of a hole, with further operations Following. Reaming is the most commonly employed secondary operation when precision in hole creation is Required. Reaming is the process of using a reamer to form, shape, taper, or enlarge a hole.
Reaming is a machining technique in which a rotary tool, the reamer, makes a light cut to increase the precision and smoothness of a round hole.
Drilling a hole is not as exact or accurate as you may believe.For most engineering procedures, a drilled hole is accurate enough, but there are situations when absolute precision is necessary. When this level of precision is required, a hole is drilled first using a standard twist drill that is somewhat smaller than the finished hole. The final finished diameter of the drilled hole should be within 0.05mm to 0.1mm. The hole is then finished to the exact size with a reamer, resulting in a smooth finish.


The precision machining or finishing process includes reaming. Surface quality, roundness, cylindricity, and diameter tolerance are the most common reasons for reamed holes.Set the hole with a specific allowance
(See allowance table), then use the reamer to achieve the desired fit.


Types of Reamer:

  • Hand Reamer
  • Machine Reamer
  • Tapered Reamer
  • Carbide Reamer
  • Straight Reamer
  • Shell Reamer
  • Die maker’s reamer
  • Floating Reamers
  • Bridge Reamer
  • Custom Reamer
  • Adjustable Reamer
  • Expansion Reamer


Coatings For reamers

  • Titanium Nitride
  • Titanium Aluminium Nitride
  • Titanium Aluminium Silicon Nitrides
  • Titanium Carbon Nitride
  • Titanium Aluminium Carbon Nitride


Solid Carbide Injector Bore Reamer

Accusharp Cutting Tools Manufacturers design the best machining solution for solid carbide Injector bore Reamers

Starting taper, the sizing section and to guide the reamers, as well as smoothing or sizing the hole,are the basiccutting
actions of the reamer.The back taper lowers the amount of frictionbetween the reamers and the Entire surface. Bore holes with small diameters and high length to diameter ratios are becoming more important in industry as part needs expand and component downsizing becomes more common.


The automotive sector, as well as the manufacture of fuel injectors and medical and biomedical devices, are Examples of components that require deep holes with small dimensions. As the number of functional criteria Grows,


Increases in injection pressure, for example, to improve the efficiency of the combustion process in diesel
Engines, raise the demands on bore hole surface integrity.To achieve these needs, the deep hole drilling
Procedure must be modified High tool performance is required to improve the efficiency of the cutting operation. The tiny cutting edge geometry is critical for tool performance. Due to the decrease of cutting edge chipping and the formation of a specified stable edge rounding. Tool performance can be increased by prepping the cutting edge.


Solid  Carbide Injector Bore Reamers are frequently are frequently made by combining many stages , which substantially reduces cycle time while also maintaining the best geometrical accuracy. All high precision bores in steel and cast iron with tolerances ranging from IT7 to IT9. Complete the reaming of the fuel injector bore Tool with a Coated Solid Carbide Coating Coolant under High Pressure 227 mm/min, 345 RPM.



Work Piece

  • Bore Finishing for Fuel Injectors
  • Graphite Iron that has been compacted (CGI)
  • HB hardness ranges from 197 to 255.

Work Circumstance

  • Ream the fuel injector bore to completion.
  • Solid Carbide Tool with Coating.
  • Coolant Under High Pressure.
  • 345 RPM, 227 mm/min.


  • Tool life has been extended by a factor of two.
  • Roundness and size control are excellent.
  • Exceptional Surface Finish.
  • CPU performance has been reduced.

Accushrp cutting tools offers training to customers on the right selection, use and application of reaming tools
Training ensures that errors are minimised, resulting in fewer accidents and tool damage. Starting with process
development and proving out on the shop floor, Accusharp Cutting Tools provide cost effective performance
oriented project solutions.




  • Maximum Process Consistency
  • Tolerances for diameter, shape, and position that are optimal
  • Exceptional accuracy
  • Simple to use
  • optimum cost effectiveness
  • Excellent finished surface

Applications Industry:

  • Automotive Industry
  • Medical equipment Industry
  • Die and Mould
  • Aerospace

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