Solid Carbide Reamer | Reamer Tools to Fulfil Your Industrial Needs

Reaming, drilling and boring are three common forms performed by any manufacturing company. All three forms include, to a few degrees making a new hole or modifying an existing hole in a workpiece. Whereas most individuals are commonplace with penetrating. Even though, numerous are new with boring and reaming.

Reaming is a cutting process that requires the use of a rotational cutting tool to make smooth insides dividers in an existing hole in a workpiece. The rotary cutting tool utilized in reaming is known as a reamer. Like, drill bits, reamers also evacuate material from the workpiece on which they are utilized. However, the reamer removes less material than drill bits. The main purpose of reaming is to create smooth walls in an existing hole. Manufacturing companies perform reaming operations by using a milling machine or drill press.

Reaming is a part of the precision machining process or finishing process. Holes are mainly reamed in case of special requirements around surface quality, roundness, cylindricity, and diameter tolerance.

Accusharp reamer is a sort of revolving cutting tool used for surface wrapping up operation at the side of a controlled endure hole. Ordinary reamer geometry comprises parallel/straight or helical cutting edges along the length of the around and hollow body. 

All cutting edges are ground at a slight point and with a slight undetermined underneath the cutting edge. This guarantees along life for the reamer and a predominant wrap-up to the hole. Having HSN2 and Alcorna coating for great surface wrap-up and less wear of the instrument. Utilizing high parameters with the best design, available in a straight, helical plan with strong and TCH form.

Accusharp not only manufacture tools according to customer design but also design special tools as a complete solution for component machining, according to customer requirement

Accusharp Reamer Tools: 

  • Solid Carbide Reamer
  • Combination Reamer
  • Solid Carbide Injector Bore Reamer

 Uses of Reamer:

  • Reamer is a rotary cutting tool used in metalworking
  • The process of enlarging the holes is called reaming
  • Reamer tool for those who are looking for more precise hole 
  • Reamer cannot be used to originate a hole.


  • Accusharp provide multiple Flute options
  • Super-finishing reamer technology.
  • Solid or coolant through
  • High Strength
  • Easy to operate.


  • Aerospace Industry
  • Die and Mould Industry
  • Medical Equipment Industry
  • Power Generation
  • Defense
  • Machine Tools Industry


Here some Accusharp recommended parameters for reamers

Cutting Speed



Table 1 – Recommended values for machining allowances

Final size in mm Machining allowance (reaming allowance) in mm
less than 5 0.1 – 0.2
5 to 20 0.2 – 0.3
21 to 32 0.3
33 to 50 0.5
51 to 70 0.8
71 to 120 1.0 – 1.2
121 to 150 1.3 – 1.5


There are several parameters that impact the reamer tool life, for example:
Cutting depth
Speed and feed
Workpiece material
Coolant, pressure, and concentration
Interrupted cuts
Work piece clamping
Geometry and grade
Tool length
Correct tool holders