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Port Tool

Port Tool


  • Perfect concentricity
  • Solid or coolant through Coated to maximize performance
  • Easy Complex form
  • Multiple flute options
  • High accuracy
  • Helical or straight flute
  • Solid Carbide or Brazed Tipped
  • Standard SAE or specials


  • Machine Industry


Port tools are formed to cut into pre-drilled holes and simply produce complex forms. You can make exact detailed holes, accurate plunge and done ports with special port tools. ACCUSHARP also offers a drill cum port forming counter bore tool that allows you to complete the operation in one step without having to pre-drill, saving your time and money.

The Port counter bores holes in accordance with ISO, SAE’ ROSAN and other international standards, as well as using custom-built tools. For an exact seat for seals on the component, port counter bore tools are manufactured with a high degree of precision. Counter bores are standard on most tools, however they can also be ordered without them.

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