Everything you need to know about Cutting Tools

Cutting Tools Industry:

Cutting Tools are the tools that are outlined with embeds and replaceable tips solid carbide round tools. These cutting edges comprise an isolated piece of material brazed, clamped or welded onto the tool’s body. The Indian cutting tool industry produces a large kind of tools like drills, end mills, reamers, cutters, chaser, rolling dies, saw blades, burr, hobs, hole mills, broaches alternative gear cutting tools, metal cutting tools, tool bits and so on.


Broadly the cutting tool industry can be grouped into HSS (high-speed steel) cutting tool manufacturers and carbide cutting tool manufacturers


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Cutting Tools Industry has been portioned based on tool type, material type, application and region. Based on region cutting tools Industry has been fragmented into the Americas, Europe, Asia-Pacific, Africa and the Middle East.


Our Global Customers:

Cummins Turbo Technologies (USA), VEEM (Australia), IS4IS-International Solutions for Industrial Services Co.Ltd (Saudi Arabia), Alfanar Moulds (Saudi Arabia), Global Sources General Contracting Co Ltd (Saudi Arabia), Sandvik Rock Tools Technology(WUXI) Co. Ltd (China), Euroflow FZE (UAE), Boron Tooling System co. ltd (Bangkok)


Cutting Tool Industry Product Cluster:

  • Drills
  • Step Drills
  • End-Mills
  • Reamers
  • Cutters
  • Gun Drills
  • Centre-Drills
  • Brazed Carbide Tools
  • Profile Tools
  • Form Tools
  • Special Tools
  • Customized Tools


Work Materials:

  • Carbon Steels
  • Alloy Steels
  • Cast Iron
  • Stainless Steels
  • Inconel
  • Super Alloys
  • Titanium Alloys
  • Copper Alloys
  • Aluminium Alloys
  • Brass
  • Ceramic
  • Cemented Carbide
  • Cubic boron Nitride
  • Plastic
  • High-speed steel
  • Titanium Carbide
  • Exotic Materials
  • Mild Steels


Cutting Tools used for these Machining Components:

  • Engine Head
  • Cylinder Head
  • Connecting Rod
  • Wheels
  • Engine Blocks
  • Turbo Blades
  • Crank-Shafts
  • Gears
  • Crank-Case
  • Axles
  • Nozzle Ring
  • Fixturing
  • Wind-Mill Blade


Cutting Tools Manufacturers for This Industry Sectors

  • Automotive Industry
  • Medical Equipment Industry
  • Die and Mould Industry
  • Aerospace Industry
  • Agriculture
  • Spring Manufacturing Industry
  • Bearing Industry
  • Furniture Manufacturing
  • Engineering
  • Energy Industry Sector
  • Power Generation
  • Textile
  • Machining Industry
  • Construction Industry
  • Ordnance and other Manufacturing Industry.


Accusharp Cutting Tools are well-established Cutting Tool Manufacturers of a wide range of Metal-cutting Tools. The wide range of our metal cutting tools includes Drill cutting tool, Solid carbide tools,  Thread mill cutters, End Mills, Carbide end mill cutter, Reamers, Cutters, Inserts, Gun Drills, Brazed tool, Profile tools, Port tools, Specialized tools, Centre Drills, Straight fluted drill, Form tools, Steel cutter, Burr cutter, Glass cutter tool, Ball nose cutter, Ball nose end mill, End mill cutter, Brazed Carbide Tools.

Accusharp Cutting Tool Manufacturers Leadership to present today the company as one of the leading organization in India. Engaged in Design, Manufacture and supply a wide range of metal cutting tools to many local as well as MNC’s in various industry sectors. In spite of the present pandemic situation to drastic effect on industry sector worldwide, Accusharp cutting tool manufacturer is maintaining a trend of faster Business growth.



We provide customized tooling solutions in Solid Carbide and High-Speed Steel applications are for machining components. Accusharp cutting tool manufacturer’s main objective is to assist customers with their productivity improvement including reduced tooling cost. We provide not only cutting tools but also, the whole solution for the customer for their product development and manufacturing process. For a variety of MNC’s & OEM, as well as, different customers, we have established sturdy support teams of competent and skilled engineers across India, and a logistic network, a step closer to customers.


Our Business strength lies in Product, Process and People. For the client desired technology alliance, we have installed the latest design software for tool designing, and manufacturing setup with modern equipment, like, 5-Axes CNC Tool & Cutter Grinders – ANCA, WIDMA, Rollomatic, Strausak and Zoller Genius 3s & Rapid-I as Q.C. equipment. MIS and full business processes are supported by SAP. We are the topmost cutting tool manufacturers in Pune. Carbide-Tipped Tools Manufacturers, Suppliers, Exporters in Pune.


Accusharp Cutting tools Manufactures that never compromise on quality. Attain the optimum out of your industrial machining by our tools created with correct specification, sharp edge and precise hardness. Our thought process for ‘Quality’ is to make products that meet customers’ needs. It includes product specification, performance responsibility, supported by our service quality. We tend to area unit an organization certified for ‘ISO: 9001-2015’ for Quality Management System. Moreover, Environment, Industrial Safety, Health of employees and Social Responsibility hold a portion of all our business operations. We’ve got been approved by a number of MNCs for their audits of Surroundings and provider Code of Conduct aspects.  Accusharp Cutting Tools manufacturers, what we make, are ‘consumables’ for the manufacturing industry in India.


Accusharp Cutting Tool Manufacturer fulfils all Industrial Needs:

  • Good quality
  • Shortest Lead time
  • On-time Delivery
  • Lowest processing cost
  • Learning approach

Good Quality:

Accusharp Cutting tools Manufacturers provide quality not only in products; but also in everything we do-Production, documentation, communication etc. that means every organizational activity, performed by an employee; will be according to its desired quality norms.


Delivery Performance:

On-time delivery, with reduced ‘Lead Time’, in the whole supply chain management is the strength of Accusharp systems and process efficiency. To keep the commitment for ‘On-Time’ delivery of their respective tasks. It is often goods, services or communication, anything to be delivered to internal or external customers. All business activities are monitored through SAP. Accusharp Cutting Tools Manufacturers is an ISO: 9001-2015 certified company.


Lowest Processing Cost:

System oriented work culture; awareness of various wastes and efforts to scale back them is helping to keep the processing cost at the lowest possible level. Outcome advantages of cost reduction are often shared with customers.


Innovative solutions:

Accusharp Cutting Tools Manufacturesbelieves in a learning approach and always keeps an innovative outlook for customer requirements. Essentially, employees’ skills development and competence upgrading is a continuous process for us at our organisation.


To Provide ‘Total solutions’ to Clients for their Metal Cutting Applications:


Accusharp Cutting Tools Manufacturers have a special cell, named ‘Tooling Management System’ (TMS). Tooling experts from TMS cell carry out a detailed study of the entire metal cutting process at the customer end and recommend a’ Total Solution’ for the application. This incorporates the desired cutting tool design, suitability of equipment, holding systems, machining parameters, training, etc., to achieve optimal productivity from the process.


‘Productivity Partner ‘to customers:

Accusharp Cutting Tool Manufacture stands as a ‘Productivity Partner’ to customers, providing technical assistance for tools to cut fast and cut cost at the customer end.


Mutual Business Respect:


Accusharp Cutting Tools Manufactures makes treats vendors with respect to have them business satisfaction. Our esteemed customers appreciate our above business strengths and consider Accusharp Cutting Tools Manufactures as their business partner. We owe our business success to our employees, customers and vendor.


Cutting tool manufacturers business activity is dependent on the manufacturing industry operations and their growth. As I have said, our products are key consumables for the manufacturing industry, therefore; we need to stand as a ‘Productivity Partner’ for customers. Cutting tool manufacturers customers for faster metal removal rates at their lowest possible operational cost remain the driving business factors, for us.


Currently, Accusharp Cutting Tools is a Leading Cutting Tool Manufacturers in India. Provides necessary metal cutting tools accessory to Germany, USA, Europe, Saudi Arabia, Thailand and UAE. In our journey to discover the ideal arrangements for our clients. We are constantly looking for out innovatively progressed items from around the globe that meet the special necessities of our clients. Through our well created and accomplice organize the network. We are ready to continuously bring new metal cutting tools and solutions to our clients.


Accusharp Reamer Tools To Fulfil Your Industrial Needs.

Reaming, drilling and boring are three common forms performed by any manufacturing company. All three forms include, to a few degrees making a new hole or modifying an existing hole in a workpiece. Whereas most individuals are commonplace with penetrating. Even though, numerous are new with boring and reaming.

Reaming is a cutting process that requires the use of a rotational cutting tool to make smooth insides dividers in an existing hole in a workpiece. The rotary cutting tool utilized in reaming is known as a reamer. Like, drill bits, reamers also evacuate material from the workpiece on which they are utilized. However, the reamer removes less material than drill bits. The main purpose of reaming is to create smooth walls in an existing hole. Manufacturing companies perform reaming operations by using a milling machine or drill press.

Reaming is a part of the precision machining process or finishing process. Holes are mainly reamed in case of special requirements around surface quality, roundness, cylindricity, and diameter tolerance.

Accusharp reamer is a sort of revolving cutting tool used for surface wrapping up operation at the side of a controlled endure hole. Ordinary reamer geometry comprises parallel/straight or helical cutting edges along the length of the around and hollow body. 

All cutting edges are ground at a slight point and with a slight undetermined underneath the cutting edge. This guarantees along life for the reamer and a predominant wrap-up to the hole. Having HSN2 and Alcorna coating for great surface wrap-up and less wear of the instrument. Utilizing high parameters with the best design, available in a straight, helical plan with strong and TCH form.

Accusharp not only manufacture tools according to customer design but also design special tools as a complete solution for component machining, according to customer requirement

Accusharp Reamer Tools: 

  • Solid Carbide Reamer
  • Combination Reamer
  • Solid Carbide Injector Bore Reamer

 Uses of Reamer:

  • Reamer is a rotary cutting tool used in metalworking
  • The process of enlarging the holes is called reaming
  • Reamer tool for those who are looking for more precise hole 
  • Reamer cannot be used to originate a hole.


  • Accusharp provide multiple Flute options
  • Super-finishing reamer technology.
  • Solid or coolant through
  • High Strength
  • Easy to operate.


  • Aerospace Industry
  • Die and Mould Industry
  • Medical Equipment Industry
  • Power Generation
  • Defense
  • Machine Tools Industry


Here some Accusharp recommended parameters for reamers

Cutting Speed



Table 1 – Recommended values for machining allowances

Final size in mm Machining allowance (reaming allowance) in mm
less than 5 0.1 – 0.2
5 to 20 0.2 – 0.3
21 to 32 0.3
33 to 50 0.5
51 to 70 0.8
71 to 120 1.0 – 1.2
121 to 150 1.3 – 1.5


There are several parameters that impact the reamer tool life, for example:
Cutting depth
Speed and feed
Workpiece material
Coolant, pressure, and concentration
Interrupted cuts
Work piece clamping
Geometry and grade
Tool length
Correct tool holders

Solid Carbide TCH Double Margin Long Drill

We know Drilling is difficult to work so our web journal is composed to assist to make drillers’ live easier.

This is the put to come for Applications and features of Solid Carbide Long Drill with cutting performance.

Accusharp acknowledges the industry needs so, offering an excellent quality range of Long Drills. The extended scope is accessible in different sizes and measurements as per client requirements. Viable proficient generation of profound gaps can display a no. of challenges. To deliver a quality last item whereas keeping cost beneath control. Companies must be able to realize, precision, repeatability, and adequate surface wrap-up whereas maintaining predictable device life. Choosing the finest tool for the work and execute the correct working method can offer assistance to make this troublesome operation beneficial. Utilize of tall execution Solid Carbide Long Drill is expanding ordinary to best utilize Long drills information of industry best hones is a must.

With the frequent increasing demand for higher productivity and inexpensive auto components. High-performance solid carbide long drill is becoming the demand of the hour still in these endeavor industries are facing the problems as to what is the best approach to use long drills. Numerous CNC shop floors still confront a part of breakage issues. Low-performance issues due to the wrong usage of their solid carbide long drills.

We have a list of the best characteristics of Solid Carbide Long Drills to fulfill business needs.

  • Over 20D deep hole drilling is possible without step drilling.
  • The stable hole drilling due to specially designed low cutting resistance.
  • A special chip pocket has designed for effective chip evacuation.
  • Optimized designed for drill rigidity to prevent the bending of the drill when entering operation.
  • The Lubrication and thermal resistance of new coating TiAlxn.

Application Area

  • Automotive Industry
  • Die and Mould Industry
  • Aerospace Industry
  • Construction Industry
  • Medical Equipment Industry
  • Deep and inclined hole drilling of the crankshaft
  • Deep hole drilling of the camshaft
  • Deep  hole drilling of mold and machinery
  • Deep hole drilling aspect ratio over 15D
  • Deep hole drilling cylinder block (cast iron and aluminum)

Accusharp Long Drill Advantages

  • Special geometry provides better rigidity
  • Double margin secure machining stability.
  • Reduce idle time by prolonged tool life
  • Green coolant solutions(MQL) to protect the environment
  • Longer apparatus life due to higher wear resistance

Cutting Performance Example

Part of automobile

Workpiece :               forged steel crankshaft

Cutting condition:   vc(m/min)=65

                                      fn (mm/rev) = 0.22

                                      ap(mm) = 90

                                      Through coolant (MQL)

Tools:                      ATLD07-173-230-8SH

Machine:               Horizontal milling machine

Tool life:

Competitor =75meter   Accusharp   = 86 meter


  • Robustness
  • Strength
  • Supreme Quality
  • Perfect Finish







What is Gun Drill Tool?

Deep-Hole Drill was initially invented for ‘Gun-Driiling’application in Europe during the second world war, and since then it’s popular as Gun-Drill. However, last 75 year, its applications are extended automobile and other engineering metal cutting industries for Deep-Hole Drilling. still, these Deep Hole Drills are yet popularly called ‘Gun-Drills’, even if other used for other applications. It is a thin cutting tool to produce hole in a metal at high depth diameter ratio


What is Gun Drill Tool?

For exceptionally precise deep holes in metal work pieces, Gun drill tool are perishable tooling components that enter coolant through the machine spindle and midsection of the tool, and exhaust chips in a groove along the length of the tool.

A sophisticated grinding equipment, or CNC cutter grinder, can be used to sharpen gun drill tool numerous times to extend their life. For form tool operations, customised forms can also be machined into gun drill tooling tips.

By using high pressure coolant for clean chip exhaust, the gun drilling method can drill deep holes beyond what is achievable with conventional gear and tooling such as twist drills, even at extreme depths.

Gun drilling was first established for the production of gun barrels, when straightness and barrel durability were both required for proper operation. For maximum performance and utilisation on current, specialised gear, the gun drilling technique and tooling have been optimised. Gun drilling is still widely used in the firearms industry. Diesel fuel components, medical tooling, plastic injection moulds, and other industries are among the others.


Accusharp Cutting tools have entered into this new segment of Round tools For Deep Hole Drilling applications. The applications are for deep hole drilling On Crankshaft, Engine-Blocks, turbo-Blades, Paper Rollers, Machine Tools, and Fixturing etc. we are the leading Gun drill tool manufacturers from pune.


The main purpose of a gun drill tool is to drill consistent holes in one pass. The machine work is therefore fairly simple. The entire machine consists of the gun drill itself, the machine, the coolant supply system, the work holding fixture, and the part handling equipment.

Standard geometry for Gun Drill has been shown herewith. However, it may change according to its applications for different work materials and machining parameters. Moreover any change, in cutting edge geometry will have an effect on bore surface finish, geometrical accuracy, drill centring, chip shape, chip removal, process reliability and useful life of the Drills etc.


Deep Hole Drilling 

Gun drilling is a deep hole drilling technique that produces holes in metal with large depth-to-diameter ratios by using a long, thin cutting instrument. Gun drilling works on diameters ranging from 3.00mm to 32 mm.

The distinctive head shape of a gun drill tool distinguishes it from a normal twist drill; a standard gun drill has a single effective cutting edge that removes chips as it advances into a metal work piece.

Gun drilling was first established for the production of gun barrels, when straightness and barrel durability were both required for proper operation. For maximum performance and utilisation on current, specialised gear, the gun drilling technique and tooling have been optimised. Deep hole drilling utilized in a variety of industries. Gun drilling is still widely used in the firearms industry. Diesel fuel components, medical tooling, plastic injection moulds, and other industries are among the others.

By using high pressure coolant for clean chip exhaust, the gun drilling method can drill deep holes beyond what is achievable with conventional gear and tooling such as twist drills, even at extreme depths.

Gun drilling can be done on standard CNC machines, but only to a limited extent. To achieve the best productivity and process dependability, more often than not, specialized equipment is required.

Accusharp cutting tools provide perfect deep hole drilling solutions for customer problem.


ACCUSHARP Gun drills are straight fluted drills which allow cutting fluid (either compressed air or a suitable liquid) to be injected through the drill’s hollow body to the cutting face. ACCUSHARP drills used for deep drilling—a depth-to-diameter ratio of 300:1 or more is possible. Gun barrels are the obvious example; hence the name. 

Other uses include moldmaking, diemaking, and the manufacture of combustion engine parts such as crankcase, cylinder head, and woodwind musical instruments, such as uilleann pipes, as gun drills can drill long straight holes in metal, wood, and some plastics. 

The coolant provides lubrication and cooling to the cutting edges and removes the swarf or chips from the hole. Modern gun drills use carbide tips to prolong life and reduce total cost when compared with steel tips. Speed of drilling depends on the material being drilled, rotational speed, and the drill diameter.

Gun drill tool are easily consolidated with CNC machining centres, lathes and milling machines for a reasonably small investment, which makes these tools economical for a small or large business with varying production requirements. 

Our standard grinding geometry can take care virtually of all drilling operations successfully. However, for any special working conditions like deep hole drilling long chipping material that is difficult to machine. we design and manufacture  Gun-Drills with special geometries accordingly.

Our Present range of Gun drill tool is of Diameters between 4 and 30 mm, having length up to 1000 mm.

Accusharp Cutting Tools is leading Gun drill manufacturers in India. It’s a deep hole drilling technique that use a long, thin cutting tool to drill holes in metal with large depth-to-diameter ratios


Features :    

  • High-calibre Performance
  • Deep Hole drilling solutions end here.
  • It is developed for long, straight hole of high accuracy, dimensional requirement.
  • Gun drill tool can make hole of specified size.     
  • Gun drill tool used in deep hole drilling applications 
  • Superior Quality.                                                                                                                                


Application :  

  • Medical Equipment Industry
  • Plastic injection molds
  • Die and Mould Industry
  • Aerospace Industry
  • Defence
  • Metal Industry
  • Diesel Fuel Components
  • Firearm
  • Automotive Industry
  • Turbo Blades 
  • Paper Rolls, Water lines
  • Heat Exchanger Tube sheet

More ever, guidance from our technical experts would always be available for any critcal problem other than the above common issues to resolve.


High Ratio Drill | Break point Drills | Accusharp Cutting Tools

A high ratio Drill generally used for the machining of mining bits, ACCUSHARP provides the best solution for this. The bits which require a high accuracy hole as tolerance given, Accusharp make ratio drills used for drilling high accuracy holes with higher parameters. No, retract line, no burr folding. Eliminate the 180° end mill in flat-bottom drilling, geometry-combinations available to cover most common materials drills are easily consolidated with CNC machining centre’s, lathes and milling machines for a reasonably small investment, which makes these tools economical for a small or large business with varying production requirements.

Accusharp provides high performance Ratio Drills tool to reduce machining cost especially in extravagant machining centers, workable machining systems and transfer lines. Our Ratio Drills offer a new dimension, especially with regard to quality and quantity.

For one of our customer, Accusharp designed a tungsten carbide special drill. This special drill is used for final operations on a component of large batch sizes having component dimension s between 125 mm to 330 mm. the components have multiple holes in the range of 36 to 70 no’s in a single work piece.

Project Profile

The end-user is manufacturing Mining Drill Bits (Cone & Shirttails Legs) made from EN36c material, Using a STAMA Twin spindle (5Axis) vertical machining centre with flood coolant.


Previously the customer was using Other Make tools on Stama Twin spindle VMC. The drill Dia 14 mm hole in the Major in all cones. As cones have two types one is regularly turned cones and the other is welded cones. Existing drills having the issue of Size consistency, taper hole and bottom finish Rough. As component tolerance 0 to 25 micron, but still getting the drill life issue and continue tip breakage issue and inconsistent tool life of 100 to 400 holes only. The rejection percentage is more. Accusharp was called into the customer’s shop and offered the opportunity to provide a solution to the terrible tool life and costly machine time they were experiencing.

Our Solution

Accusharp Provides the Best Drilling grade (Super Fine Grade).

Project Data

Accusharp Provides the Best Drilling grade resulted in Good Tool Life with an excellent bottom mirror finish. Using 705 RPM and 0.14 feed. No of holes getting 700 to 750 as previous have 300 to 400 holes. Taper ovality of holes within 3 to 4 micron.

By using Accusharp drills customer gets the below Benefits.

  • Tool Life increased by 40 To 50%
  • Tool Breakage stopped.
  • Avoided components rejection
  • Tool changing frequency saved
  • Increasing productivity due to less tool change.
  • Cost/pc is low than existing
  • Quality of drilled hole improved up to last drilled hole
  • Operator’s waiting getting less for taking quality approval

Competitor’s drill had issue of:

  • Size inconsistency for required tolerance 0 to 25 micron,
  • Hole taper > 25 micron.
  • Bottom surface finishes rough 1.6 to1.8 Ra).
  • Poor and inconsistent tool life between 10
  • 0 & 400 holes.

Tool Pictorial (Photo)

Tool Conceptual Drg.

Component Photo


  • Strong Break point geometry
  • Smooth flute form
  • High Accuracy
  • Reliable high Quality hole
  • Tolerance achieved within 7 micron
  • Creates a true flat-bottom hole from O.D. to center.
  • Extremely high speed and feed rates.
  • Good surface quality
  • Dimensional accuracy of holes
  • High Dynamic stability


  • Machining of mining bits
  • Heat-treatable stills
  • Suitable for long and short-chipping materials such as construction, tempered steels.

Drill | Solid carbide Step Drill | Accusharp Cutting Tools

Drill or drill machining tools used for making round holes in solid material. Drilling tools are End cutting tools designed for producing holes in the work piece. The diversity of drills can be used to cut circular holes in work pieces. Step drill preferably suited for cutting metals, Plastic, Wood.

ACCUSHARP offers a complete range of high performance, general-purpose, finishing, roughing, high-speed, micro, and material-specific S/C Step drill for high productivity and extended tool life. HSN2 coating for the higher life, SC drill that offers a one-pass solution in steels and irons in traditional tap sizes to reduce cycle time and increase productivity. Drilling and chamfering in one shot. The highly polished surface ensures superior chip evacuation even when a low-pressure coolant is applied.

For General Purpose usually HRc30 ~ HRc50

Special design for good centring, smooth chip removal and powerful drilling

Special surface treatment after coating to reduce friction and better chip flow

With the help of experienced engineers, we have been able to design and develop Solid Carbide Step Drill. These are designed and manufactured by the professionals in compliance with the industry standards. The offered drills are widely acknowledged for their attributes such as perfect finish, accurate dimensions, high strength and durability.

Step drill used for all Alloy steel, Cast Iron, stainless steel, Inconel and Aluminium material. For Aluminium material step drills available in uncoated with flute polish and for other material with special coating (HSN2 & Alcrona).


  • Cylindrical shank
  • 4 facet
  • Countersink angle 90°
  • Point angle 140°
  • Right hand cutting
  • 2, 3 or 4 flute
  • Helical or straight flute
  • Single or multiple diameter
  • Single or double margin
  • Solid or coolant through
  • High performance point


  • KF40 micro-fine
  • GU25
  • TiAln/TIN coating
  • All dimensions are in mm


The Parameter recommendation for Accusharp step drill for steel material VC is 45 to 80 mtr/min, for cast iron 65 to 120 mtr/min and for aluminium 90 to 200 mtr/min for solid step drills reduce 15 to 20 % VC as given for TCH step drills.


  • Solid Carbide Step Drill
  • Solid Carbide TCH Double Margin Long Drills
  • Solid Carbide Micro Drills
  • Solid Carbide Center Drill
  • Solid Carbide TCH Double Margin Drills
  • Solid Carbide Ratio Drills


  • STEP DRILL combines two or more than two operations in Single Tool.
  • Operation cost gets reduced.
  • Cycle time to manufacture the Component gets reduced.
  • Inventory of tool gets reduced.
  • Overall Productivity Increase.

Accusharp product is better than our competitor product.

  • Accusharp Design, Manufacture and supply the Special Step Drills within 15 Days.
  • Each Tool and Each parameter of Tool gets 100% Inspected.
  • Inspection report gets for all tools.
  • Final Approval of Tool Design is done by Customer who checks and Confirms Deigned tool can full the requirement.
  • Step Drills are manufactured on World CNC Grinding Machine
  • Selection of Carbide rod is done as per application of Tool.
  • Mostly used in Batch or Mass production.


  • Suitable for centring holes in steel, SS, CI, AL, applications
  • Automobile Industry
  • Aerospace Industry
  • Medical Equipment Industry
  • Suitable for drilling tap holes with countersinks
  • specific point geometries
  • Micro engineered edge prep
  • Coated to maximize performance, the high efficiency in drilling