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Carbide Center Drill

Carbide Center Drill


  • Better Life & productivity
  • Made from Micro-Fine Carbide Grade
  • HiPIMS Coating for less wear
  • The carbide material supporting different machining is tougher and the shape is well optimized, drastically reducing breakage issues.
  • Speed can be constantly enhanced and life can be extended.
  • Carbide Center Drills offers 118* Point angle.


  • Automotive Industry.
  • Aerospace Industry
  • Spring Manufacturing Industry
  • Other manufacturing Industry
  • Bearing Industry, Furniture manufacturing


ACCUSHARP make center drills are used in Automotive, Aerospace & other manufacturing industry.

Center Drills are used for providing centering holes on shafts faces, so to hold them between centers for other CNC job work.

Carbide Center Drill bits are Good for large batch production.Carbide Center Drills comes with varied chamfer angles of 45° / 60° or as per customer request or drawings.