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Solid Carbide Tch Double Margin Long Drills

Solid Carbide Tch Double Margin Long Drills


  • Accusharp Drills stays on center
  • It is highly Water-Resistant helping to maintain hole size accuracy
  • Cutting Edge and special flute geometry to promote smooth chip evacuation.
  • Accusharp Drill powers the cutting resistance and power
    consumption chips are broken into a compact shape for
    excellent chip disability to prevent jamming
  • Smooth curled chips are produced Good chip control is due to efficient chip breaking,


  • Used for all Steel, Cast Iron and SS material
  • Aerospace Industry
  • Energy Industry


Accusharp Solid Carbide TCH Double Margin Long Drills reduced 80% cycle time as compared to Conventional deep hole drilling.

Double margin drills have a second margin ground behind the main margin. The trailing margin burnishes the cavity, making a true hole and smoother finish while providing a more accurate, rounder drilled hole and frequently eliminating the need for reaming.

HSN2-based coating with high hot hardness allows 30% higher cutting speeds and constant tool life. Four-margin lands improve hole straightness and hole alignment when drilling through cross holes.