Solid Carbide Tch Double Margin Drills | Accusharp

Solid Carbide Tch Double Margin Drills

Solid Carbide Tch Double Margin Drills


  • Improved surface quality
  • Recommended cutting data are constant for single margin solid carbide drill
  • Borehole cylindricity and straightness
  • HiPIMS Coating for longer tool life
  • Drill tool remains on center
  • It is highly Water-Resistant aiding in ensuring hole size accuracy.
  • Cutting Edge and special flute geometry to ensure smooth chip evacuation.
  • Accusharp Carbide Drill promoting the cutting resistance and power.
  • Consumption chips are broken down into a compact shape for enhanced excellent chip disability to prevent jamming
  • Smooth curled chips are created for good chip control for efficient chip breaking,


  • Best suited for steel machining
  • Aluminium maching
  • Aerospace Industry


Chip pockets are broad, allowing for superior chip management and evacuation. The new HiPIMS Coating, which is designed specifically for cutting drill, ensures consistent and long tool life in a wide range of work materials and applications. For tiny machines, it provides solid drilling with no wobbling and a better hole finish with a double margin.

Hole guiding regions on two cutting edges enable Accusharp to provide reliable high-quality hole machining in terms of cylindricity and straightness, as well as near hole tolerance, premium surface roughness and production stability.

The toughest and most brittle of the drill bit materials is carbide. It’s mostly utilized for cutting drilling, which necessitates the employment of a high-quality tool holder and equipment. It should not be utilized in drill presses or hand drills. These drill bits are made for the toughest and most demanding materials.

1) Ensure surface is machined before drilling
2) Use the precision-specific ACCUSHARP Pilot drill for pre-drilling
3) Check for wear on Pilot drill throughout the operation, which can lead to premature tool failure
4) Ensure maintaining coolant pressure and good filtration of coolant