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Solid Carbide Step Drill

Solid Carbide Step Drill


  • Single or double margin
  • Helical or straight flute
  • Solid or coolant through
  • Single or multiple diameter


  • Specific point geometries
  • Suitable for drilling tap holes with countersinks
  • Micro engineered edge prep
  • Automotive Industry
  • Coated to maximize performance, the high efficiency in drilling
  • Industrial Application


ACCUSHARP offers a complete range of high performance, general purpose, finishing, roughing, high-speed, micro and material-specific S/C Step drill for high productivity and extended tool life.

HSN2 coating for higher life , Solid Carbide drill that offers a one-pass solution in steels and irons in traditional tap sizes to reduce cycle time and increase productivity.Drilling and chamfering in one shot.The highly polished surface ensures superior chip evacuation even when low-pressure coolant is applied.

Drill or drill machining tools used for making round holes in solid material. Drilling tools are end cutting tools designed for producing holes in work piece.